China Moses

Redi Hasa - Photo: Ray Tarantino

China Moses – Photo: Sylvain Norget

What makes the difference? China Moses makes the difference.
Her presentation, her stage presence make the difference.

She is a top-class singer who playfully takes her audience by the hand and leads them through a soulful and electrifying concert evening. Of course, she will always be measured against her mother, the wonderful De Dee Bridgewater, but she has her own creativity, interpretative skills and feel for jazz, soul, blues and swing.

China Moses hosts TV shows such as MTV in France, creates radio programs, sings Disney songs in the French versions of these films, but her main passion is her concerts. She is equipped with an expressive alto voice and can do everything that characterizes a charismatic singer, from tender and gentle to a powerful outburst. In addition to her interpretations of the music of great jazz legends, she also writes her own music, which moves between cool jazz and soul with a strong pop twist. Her many years as a presenter enable her to cast a spell over the audience with her dynamic presence and, as an entertainer par excellence, to prepare a great concert evening.

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