Redi Hasa

Redi Hasa - Photo: Ray Tarantino

Redi Hasa – Photo: Ray Tarantino

Ludovico Einaudi’s cellist on solo paths

For 10 years, this magician of cantabile cello playing has been a constant companion of Ludovico Einaudi on his worldwide tours. Together with violinist Federico Mecozzi, he forms the congenial string duo that the Italian pianist has chosen for his concerts from New Zealand to Mexico and from China to Canada.

Redi Hasa – born in Albania – started his musical studies at the age of 7 at the “Virtuosi of Tirana” music school. Further on his education led him via a completed study at the Tirana Academy of Fine Arts to the music conservatory in Lecce/Italy.

During his studies in Tirana he played during the day on a state-owned cello and at night he switched to the only electric bass in town, which his brother had sent him from Italy. In the city’s cigarette smoke-filled clubs, he then indulged in the forbidden sounds of Western rock and pop music, which the iron-fisted Albanian regime had banned from the public sphere for nearly half a century. Here, underground really was underground, and the band Nirvana with its frontman Kurt Cobain was the epitome of the forbidden and the wicked. No wonder that the young Redi got infected by these sounds.

Many years have passed since then, Redi Hasa has become an extremely sought-after instrumentalist, he has just been in the studio with Robert Plant, but his youthful passions have remained, to which he now pays homage on his new solo album “My Nirvana”.

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