Jan Garbarek feat. Trilok Gurtu

Jan Garbarek - Photo: Aagard

“The human voice is my ideal”, says Jan Garbarek, and there is probably no other saxophonist who has come as close to this ideal as the musician from Norway. It is the contrast between the songlike, poetic, simple and the intensity of free improvising with other musicians that makes Jan Garbarek’s art.

The artists who accompany him each contribute in their own way: on piano, longtime companion Rainer Brüninghaus, Trilok Gurtu, the wild drum magician from India on percussion, and the Brazilian Yuri Daniel on bass. Garbarek is a musical circumnavigator who catches everything the winds blow his way. Whoever listens to him can feel what touches him and what gives him the breath that brings the sounds to us.

“The utopia of infinite breath and natural euphony drives Garbarek’s music, it does not sweat, it is serene in the sense of the word that comes from the Greek aither and means clear sky, pure air.”

(Ulrich Greiner, Die Zeit)

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