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Kinga Głyk has announced the release of a new album. The trailblazing bassist/composer will release “Real Life” on 26.01.2024, her third studio album overall for Warner Music and follow-up to 2019’s “Feelings”.

In 2017, a barely 20-year-old came from our neighbouring country Poland and caused a sensation – like no jazz musician before her – with unimaginable click numbers of her “Tears in Heaven” video. After that, she was on tour almost continuously – playing small clubs and big festivals. There was practically no programme booklet that did not feature her likeness on the cover, even at the Philharmonie Köln. Within a very short time, many TV stations were reporting on Kinga, magazines wanted her story, trade journals were all over her, and so she achieved an enormous degree of fame. She went from being a social media darling to a real concert audience favourite.

This beautiful young woman is catapulting jazz into a new orbit with her fresh, unused style and concentrated youth power. She keeps in touch with her fans on Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram and also brings young people closer to her favourite music – sounds beyond the music industry pussyfooting. And even though her start into a music career was meteoric, you can hear in Kinga’s playing that her whole life – in the lap of a highly musical family – has been shaped by music.

“When I was a little girl, I always pretended to be a bass player myself, and I always knew I wanted to play bass. For me it is the best instrument in the world”. And what a wonderful path she has taken to fulfil that dream. She wasn’t dragged on tour by a jazz grandmaster as a pretty side-woman, but interpreted her career completely on her own – sitting cross-legged on the floor and playing Eric Clapton’s sad mega-hit – in front of the camera. And only a short time later she fills concert venues with her own name.

The now released “Real Life” is not only Głyk s first album in over four years, but also her most striking to date. Never has the signature of this generational talent been so unmistakable as here. The songs were recorded last winter at Leagues Estudi Vint in Catalonia, Spain, with Grammy award-winning Nic Hard (Snarky Puppy, Charlie Hunter, Ute Lemper) as sound engineer/mixer.

“Real Life” Release date: 26 January 2024

Label: Warner Music

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