Rebekka Bakken

Norway’s phenomenal voice

When Rebekka Bakken sings, then you know very quickly, here you hear one of the most impressive voices in Scandinavia. This woman is simply a singing sensation!

Far away from all genre boundaries, the singer/songwriter has outgrown all pigeonholes and allows style influences from all corners, be it the folklore of her homeland or Country & Western from the distant USA. She bows to Tom Waits and Ludwig Hirsch with cover versions. Many of her compositions carry her own biography, and together with her announcements a picture of a highly emotional woman emerges, who is able to pour all the facets of her soul into the audience in the highest vocal artistry.

Rebekka Bakken knows how to stage her compositions in the best possible way, her voice – what an organ – has enormous power and depth. One has the impression that there is nothing this woman cannot sing. Her songs tell of love, longing, separation, but how! Not pop-sounding platitudes are spread here, but authentic – often “naked” – life experiences.

Her voice is sometimes gentle, loving, sometimes snotty, attacking, shrill, loud. Rebekka Bakken writes and sings from the deepest soul, instinctively and openly, and thus hits directly in the middle of our emotional world, we feel directly addressed. Here acts a strong woman in the best singer/songwriter tradition. No wonder, then, that the press also pours out hymns of praise: FAZ “A siren. Whoever hears her is lost. Erotic to the tips of her hair”, Prinz “The most sensual thing female jazz has to offer”, WELT “The beautiful sorceress from the north” Süddeutsche Zeitung “A voice that leaves you speechless”.

Always On My Mind

On her album “Always On My Mind” (release 28.04.23, Sony), the Norwegian singer and songwriter Rebekka Bakken transfers her favorite songs into her unmistakable sound cosmos.
her unmistakable sound cosmos between atmospheric Scandinavian pop and jazz. Together with her band she lets classics like “Yesterday” by Lennon/McCartney, “Here Comes The Flood” by Peter Gabriel or “Why” by Annie Lennox sound in a completely new sound, as well as “Break My Heart Again” by Finneas O`Connell, who together with his sister Billie Eilish stands for a new generation of songwriters. “These songs have ‘always been on my mind’ and inspired my own songwriting. They are the ‘soundtrack of my life’ and some of them have stuck with me since my childhood. I have developed my own voice listening to some of these songs and it is just the right moment to reinterpret them my way”, explains Rebekka Bakken. “Always On My Mind” contains a total of 15 colorful titles by Elton John, Bob Dylan, Randy Newman or Nick Cave, among others.

Rebekka Bakken Winter Nights – Solo

Rebekka Bakken has created music as magical as the winter landscape of Norway. She translates the archaic tranquillity of deep blue fjords, the meditative solitude of snow-covered forests and the dreamlike, sublime glow of the northern lights in her own songs and selected cover songs into a winter Christmas evening full of deep emotions. With the typical Rebekka Bakken sound between Norwegian picturesque singer-songwriter and modern European jazz, she creates a concert program that unfolds its power from reduction. Bakken places her voice directly in the foreground, which, with refined and reduced arrangements solo on the piano, provides the intimate sound for a concert full of deeply felt emotions.

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